Innography Playbooks

A Robust IP Analytics Solution

Innography Playbooks, included with Innography Advanced Analysis, provide step-by-step business oriented processes, which automate key IP analysis activities and enable business users to leverage the power of patent analytics. Key research tasks can be performed accurately in minutes, without needing to develop deep expertise in IP search and analysis methodologies.

Playbooks Include:

  • Portfolio Breakdown: Quickly dissect a portfolio into concepts and categories
  • Gem Finder: Prioritize the most important patents in a portfolio
  • Infringement Hunting: Quickly identify potential infringers
  • Litigation Track Record: Uncover the patent litigation history of a company
  • Minesweeper: Identify patent landmines 
  • Kill-a-Patent: Invalidate threatening patents
  • Threat Assessment: Identify litigious companies in key technologies
  • Ideation: Invent to the market opportunities
  • Invention Review: Accelerate invention disclosure

Every year there are countless business decisions made about competitive strategy, partner and supplier selection, licensing, and new product development. Examining patents and trademarks provides valuable insight to help you make better decisions. When your business users have access to patent analytics software to make more informed decisions addressing those IP matters, there are fewer missed opportunities and a more agile business process. Advanced Analysis users regularly leverage Playbooks to speed M&A Due Diligence, make in/out and cross-licensing decisions and develop litigation strategies.

Innography has captured the best practices from the most sophisticated IP practitioners and streamlined them into simple, easy-to-use workflows. The outputs are simple, yet information-rich reports that highlight the results, what the results mean, and what actions can be taken. This simplifies the ability to get answers and uncover valuable business insights. For IP experts, Playbooks can provide a starting point to speed more detailed patent and ip analytics projects.

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