PatentScout + IPMS Integration

Access High-Quality Global IP Data Through Your IP Management Tool

The ability to access high-quality public patent data with a click of a link within your IP asset management tool gives IP professionals a more efficient way to manage intellectual property.

An industry first, Innography’s PatentScout is easily connected to any intellectual property management system (IPMS) or intellectual asset management software (IPAM). This integration gives users direct access to PatentScout’s high quality patent data and private search capabilities with just one click.

No additional logins. No searching multiple PTO sites. No unnecessary privacy exposure.

Cleansed Data & More Efficient IP Management

Typically, IP professionals verify patent data using multiple public sources because of discrepancies and inaccuracies in the patent data.

Now, with cleansed and normalized patent data from PatentScout accessible from within the IPMS – a single click gives users access to rich, high-quality patent data. Users can verify patent information, conduct true semantic searches, and get one-click visualizations to make informed decisions based on accurate IP information. This significantly improves the efficiencies of IP matter management.

Unique Features

Innography’s PatentScout delivers accurate premium correlated global patent data on a private, web-based platform.

  • Data is cleansed, normalized, and correlated for more accurate search results
  • Search patents from over 100 jurisdictions, 22 full-text countries, over 60M Full-Text English-translated documents
  • Robust keyword searching and true semantic search
  • Viewable PDFs, drawings, first page clippings, etc.
  • Visualizations of patent data for analysis
  • Secure, private tool for decreased privacy exposure
  • Very easy to use and designed for everyone in your enterprise including: docket clerks, paralegals, attorneys, researchers, librarians, procurement, R&D, strategy, and competitive intelligence analysts

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Learn more about PatentScout

Having high-quality public data in your IPMS helps to increase efficiencies and eliminate errors.

Watch to learn more about what happens with external data and private data intersects.