Patent Market Tracker: 2016 Annual Patent Trends

Innography’s Patent Market Tracker provides the cleanest, and most timely US patent assignment data available.

Only 14% of reassignments are actual patent sales, with the balance being securitizations, intra-company transfers, mergers, name changes, and inventor to company reassignments. Innography normalizes company names, harmonizes the legal entities, categorizes conveyance types, and removes false-positives. The resulting set provides true insight into who is buying and selling patents, how strong those patents are, and what danger they represent to the market.

This report details trends uncovered through patent reassignment data including:

  • The continuing rise of US patent sales, reflecting an increase of 31% over the second half of 2014
  • Semiconductor-related patent transfers were a big part of the second half of 2015
  • Wireless and communications patents were transferred in higher volumes, as these technologies become part of more and more electronic products
  • Qualcomm emerges as a consistent buyer in the telecommunications area and their acquisitions are examined in more detail

Download the 2016 Annual Patent Trends Report