Patent Market Tracker®

The most accurate and timely US patent assignment data available.

Information around patent transactions offers incredible insight into understanding current and predicting future shifts in the market. But if you don’t hear about these transactions through a press release, chances are you won’t hear about them at all. Trying to uncover them through reassignment data is time consuming, tedious and difficult — only 14% of reassignments are actual patent sales. (The rest are comprised of securitizations, intra-company transfers, mergers, name changes, and inventor-to-company reassignments.)

Patent Market Tracker (PMT) uncovers patent transactions, including many that are not publicly announced, by combing and cleansing the USPTO assignment database. It not only separates out just the inter-company transfers, it also fixes the company names to determine the companies involved.  Using Innography’s unique company-name cleansing and company hierarchy algorithms, PMT is designed to normalize company names, harmonize the legal entities, categorize conveyance types and remove false-positives. The resulting data provides true insight into who is actually buying and selling patents, how strong those patents are, and what impact they represent to the market.

To cater to different levels of needs, we offer our Patent Market Tracker both as a data service and as an analysis service.

PMT As a Data Service

PMT provides monthly data updates that you can analyze and manipulate to your specific analysis requirements. This offering is versatile, allowing viewing with a report reader and also available via Advanced Analysis. What’s included each month:

  • Excel spreadsheet of all data
  • Interactive dashboards that show largest buyers and sellers, volume and frequency of purchases, and technologies (Tableau Reader)
  • Innography PMT Project for Advanced Analysis users that allows you to refine, search, and sort PMT patents

PMT As An Analysis Service

Don’t have the time to perform analyses or only need periodic patent sales updates? Allow us. What you will receive from the Innography team:

  • Customized monthly or quarterly reports on five technologies or 20 companies
  • Excel spreadsheet of targeted data (technologies and/or companies)
  • Graphs of activity by buyer, seller and technology

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