PatentScout: Private, Enterprise Patent Search

No Per-seat Licenses, No Administration.

PatentScout® delivers critical patent data from a private, web-based platform. Enable everyone in your organization to conduct patent searches as needed, without the loss of privacy and search logging associated with free, public tools.

Free patent search tools can expose your IP strategy to sniffing technology, competitors, and marketers. Additionally, searches performed from your organization using public tools are discoverable during litigation. Your team needs access to patent data to make good decisions, but without the exposure and risk associated with public platforms.

PatentScout solves all of these problems, and offers these benefits:

  • Innography's award-winning dataset of cleansed, correlated and normalized data
  • Keyword and semantic search
  • Simple, useful visuals
  • Private and encrypted - no risk of exposing potential IP strategy
  • Flat fee - add additional users without incremental expense
  • No per-seat license fees
  • No usage limits
  • Browser-based, no installation required
  • Simple, no training is required
  • Excellent results via Innography's powerful semantic search
  • Eliminate cost and time for external search services

Semantic Search: It's Search, Only Much Better

PatentScout is a professional patent search tool that enables better search success by providing conceptual search capabilities. Researchers can enter large blocks of text, patent numbers and concepts to find highly relevant documents quickly and accurately. Search systems based solely upon keyword lookup and Boolean queries are difficult to master and can lead to missed or inaccurate information. With PatentScout, researchers can focus on locating the right information, instead of worrying about the specific query techniques needed to ensure accuracy.

Powerful, Convenient, Easy 

PatentScout gives your team all the essential patent data:

  • Abstract
  • Image clipping
  • Claims
  • Forward and backward citations
  • Inventor
  • Current assignee
  • Legal status
  • Priority date
  • Filing date
  • Visualizations

Patents for All

PatentScout works for anyone in your organization that requires private access to patent data:

  • Researchers / Librarians
  • Procurement
  • R&D
  • Strategy
  • Competitive Intelligence

Share Your IP Analysis

With PatentScout® Publish you have freedom to search and share your analysis...with no login required!

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