Your Internal Information and Public Patent Data, Together at Last 

With PortfolioIQ, IP professionals can get the whole picture of your IP environment and find unique insights in Advanced Analysis.

Highly secure, customizable PortfolioIQ fields seamlessly bridge the gap of information from your disparate internal systems (IP management, docketing, spreadsheets, financial systems, etc) and public IP data and analysis. Now, together in Advanced Analysis, you can search, filter, and visualize your internal information and public patent data simultaneously for the most comprehensive IP analysis.

With a more complete picture, IP professionals can answer more sophisticated IP questions, with robust analyses, across the lifecycle of innovation, impacting strategies for: R&D, Prosecution, Licensing, Portfolio Management and Renewals.

Benefits of PortfolioIQ

Talk the Same Language with IP Operations

It can be frustrating when you are not seeing the same data as your counterparts who manage the docketing or IPMS (intellectual property management systems) databases and worse if you’re both reporting different things. PortfolioIQ brings all the data together and creates one truth. The best part? Your IPMS colleagues don’t have to do anything to make it happen, it’s as simple as exporting the desired data from your internal system, matching it to the public data using Innography’s bulk upload process, and voila, your data is combined and you and your colleagues are aligned.

Free Up Your Time & Energy with Simplified Processes

With customizable fields, PortfolioIQ allows you to capture all of your important internal IP portfolio information and organize it specific to your business needs. As an Advanced Analysis user, you’ll be able to conduct sophisticated analysis in minutes that would otherwise take months.

Reliable Recommendations Get Promotions

Being able to analyze your IP portfolio and technology landscapes in more strategic ways with PortfolioIQ allows you to make recommendations to Executives that impact the strategy of the company. You’ll know the IP landscape better than anyone else in your organization.

Complete & Accurate Data That Drives Accurate Decisions

PortfolioIQ ensures that every IP professional has all the credible and relevant information they need to understand their IP environment and minimizes time, cost, and unnecessary risk.

Innography’s PortfolioIQ Set UpOur proprietary import process has been designed to ensure that your internal information is accurately matched to public data records (and alert you of any discrepancies). In tests done with beta users, an average of only 35% of documents were matched before using our data verification and matching algorithms. After using Innography’s process, the match rate is 90%.

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