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No IP organization is immune to the fickle nature of the industry. As the saying goes, “the only constant is change.” Changing industries. Changing technologies. Changing strategies. The only way to effectively operate within this ever-changing technology ecosystem is to stay in the know more than you ever thought possible.

Tap Into the Power of CPA Global

With more than 250 technologists and IP experts providing expertise across all technology sectors, supported by a separate, dedicated data science team, it’s safe to say you’re in intelligent hands with CPA Global. As our parent company, they are uniquely qualified to offer you custom reports that inform and guide your specific questions about your R&D and IP strategies through:

  • Objective technical innovations and trends data
  • Detailed, accurate insight into competitors’ technology strategies
  • Assistance with the search for new partners
  • Identification of gaps in technical development that can be exploited
  • Easy-to-digest visuals that communicate commercial insights to your colleagues

Overview of CPA Global’s Intelligence Reporting

All of CPA Global’s Analytics studies are scoped and performed on a custom basis to meet the specific business needs of each customer. However, these reports can generally be grouped into the following four categories, each of which addresses typical client questions:

1. Technology Intelligence Study

This report provides a complete analysis of the commercial and technological activity within a specific sector or technology.

A typical report would include:

  • Analysis of patenting activity, available by time, specific entities, entity type, geography, and technology focus
  • Custom taxonomy building and analysis – technology trends, emerging technologies, IP and R&D strategy of major entities
  • Filtering and specific conclusions around entities or technologies of high interest

2. Competitive Benchmark Study

This report provides a focused analysis on a specific set of companies or other entities. It is also typically filtered for specific technologies or industries because most companies do not align 100% in terms of commercial focus.

A typical report includes various side-by-side analyses of the following areas:

  • Technology: Using custom taxonomies, this study maps your competitors to internal product or technology categories and illustrate the R&D environment from your organization’s point of view
  • Geographic protection levels: Helps identify strategic fields and more speculative fields within your competitors’ otherwise private decision-making
  • Invention velocity: Assists with identification of strategic changes in your market
  • Other custom metrics determined in customer consultation

3. Portfolio Diagnostic

A Portfolio Diagnostic provides a focused analysis of a single patent portfolio — either your own or another entity’s, such as a competitor’s or a potential partner’s.  This report is particularly useful for assessing your portfolio’s overall health and strength, and supporting licensing, monetization, and portfolio management decisions.

A typical report provides:

  • A customized technical taxonomy, for the purposes of portfolio organization
  • Completed categorization of all patents
  • Documentation of review criteria, used to evaluate each patent in the portfolio based on its claims
  • Commercial insights and recommendations, from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective

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4. Rapid Landscape Study

This report provides you with a high-level look at the trends in a particular technical field or an overview of your company’s patent portfolio. Providing a quick turnaround, this standardized report using a predefined template.

A report focused on a technical field covers:

  • Key statistics for the top 20 players
  • Relative market position of the top 20 players
  • Trends in patent filings and grants
  • Technical focus of patent filings
  • Technology trends, by filer and over time
  • Portfolio evaluations for the top 10 portfolios
  • Summary of a recent invention for the top five players

A report focused on a patent portfolio covers:

  • Key statistics for the portfolio
  • Trends in patent filings and grants
  • Technical focus of patent filings
  • Technology trends over time
  • Summary of recent inventions

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