Competitive Intelligence

Understanding the competitive landscape is vital for any organization, and can be even more time-sensitive and business-critical in IP-driven activities such as product innovation, investing in R&D, merger & acquisition planning, etc. Innography offers comprehensive competitive intelligence analysis services that pair the power of our technology with expert consultants to deliver answers, even with aggressive timelines.

Competitor Surveillance

Understanding your competitors' market positions, IP strengths and weaknesses, and ensuring an accurate view of patent ownership enhances your business strategy. This knowledge can also provide insight into your competition's business plans. 

The Competitor Surveillance Study discovers new and emerging competitors, their latest innovations, key markets, and IP litigation activities. Then, we put it all together to help you identify and respond to new threats and opportunities.

Inventor Analysis

Innovation is driven by leading inventors and R&D departments. Get a view into the top inventors and R&D groups within a single organization, multiple organizations, or market. Included visualizations reveal connections including cross-functional groups and skunkworks. Learn about the top contributors to a market, identify hiring targets, and recognize and retain valuable talent.

Patent Cross-Licensing Report

Whether you’re considering a new product area and need access to key IP, or you are being approached by a company who wants to license patents to you, knowing what patents you should target and what exposure they have to your portfolio is critical. These projects can focus on a specific company or a specific technology, including adjacent markets. This study will capture important relevant patents, including supporting technologies across adjacent industries. The report will provide insight into exposure of each portfolio to the other, and potential for cross-licensing between the organizations.

Portfolio Benchmarking

Gain a deeper understanding of your portfolio and how it benchmarks against competitors and the industry as a whole. Innography analyzes the target portfolio and identifies the most similar patents. Each patent is also scored according to our 12 point PatentStrength™ algorithm. Your filing intensity and R&D productivity will be compared with market leaders and industry averages. This report provides insight for leveraging your competitive advantages, existing technologies, and R&D efforts.

Threat Alerts

Risk to your product development can take many forms: competitor filings may block development, or Patent Assertion Entities buying patents in your space may make a feature infeasible. Threat Alerts track new filings in the relevant technology areas, patent sales and purchases, and new and ongoing litigation cases. Innography best-practice methods ensure a comprehensive risk assessment, leaving your R&D team free to focus on innovating.