IP Maturity Assessment

Intangible assets (patents, trademarks and other intellectual property) represent up to 85% of an organization's value1. An estimated $1.6 trillion2 was spent on R&D in 2014, but returns can often fall short of plan. Companies under pressure to deliver shareholder value must develop methods to take advantage of the intangible assets they own.

Innography has created an IP Maturity Assessment to help organizations optimize and mature their processes across the IP Lifecycle so they capture the value in their intellectual property. This workshop covers the IP processes for R&D / product development, patent portfolio management, IP acquisition and monetization, and competitive intelligence and litigation / risk management.






Research & Development (R&D)

Patent as an Afterthought


Aligned with Business Strategy

IP Drives Competitive Advantage and R&D Investment

IP Portfolio Management

Simple Portfolio Tracking

Relate Portfolio to Business Use; Build IP Awareness

Portfolio Management Input to R&D and Licensing

Portfolio Managed for Competitive Advantage

IP Acquisitions & Monetization

Ad Hoc Respond to Licensing Requests; Monetization Interests without Resources

Proactively Identify Licensing Partners; IP Part of Acquisition Due Diligence

IP Royalty Revenue Goals; Dedicated Formal Licensing Roles

Business Strategy Drives IP Monetization and Acquisition Targets

Competitive Intelligence

Event Driven Competitive Intelligence

Perform Competitive Intelligence on Key Industry Players

Ongoing Analysis of Complete IP Competitive Landscape

IP as Part of Competitive Intelligence is Key Component of Business Strategy

Risk Management & Litigation

Response to Surprise Litigation

Risk Profile Monitoring; Defensive Patenting

Protective Licensing

Risk not Mitigated is Insured

Clients can choose the depth of assessment and other engagement options. No matter what options are selected, clients will gain a common understanding of the current state of their IP management capabilities, what is required to move forward, and what benefits and profits are expected from the effort.

The IP Maturity Assessment results in an actionable plan to scale the organization's IP-related processes in support of goals including:

  • Market domination/growth
  • Exploiting IP assets
  • Shareholder return
  • IP visibility
  • Portfolio maintenance/expansion

As with any services engagement, your organization can rely on Innography to provide accurate and fully documented answers and advice. Save time and get access to insights you can rely on to form business strategy, make investment decisions, and open discussions with key stakeholders. Our focus on our clients means every project is unique and customizable to provide the information you require.

Exclusive Sample Assessment

Acme Innovation, an established industry leader of jet propulsion systems, has three primary organization objectives driving their overall vision: Innovation, Partnership, and Execution. Acme understands the importance of properly managing their Intellectual Property (IP) in support of these objectives.

ACME has executed an IP Maturity Assessment based on Innography’s IP Maturity Model™, which you can access and download today for free.

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[1] The Brooking Institute 1992 & Baruch Lev Analysis of S&P500 companies (1998)

[2] http://www.battelle.org/docs/tpp/2014_global_rd_funding_forecast.pdf