IP Monetization

Innography offers a comprehensive suite of licensing and IP monetization analysis services designed to help organizations make informed decisions with their IP assets. Whether you are creating an optimum bundling strategy for patent sales, determining which patents to out-license, or making annuity decisions, Innography can derive helpful insights on your behalf. You’ll get fast and accurate answers, save time, and have the data you need to make confident monetization decisions.

Bundling Strategy Report

As IP management increasingly turns from cost center to profit center, making the most out of every licensing and sale agreement requires identifying all the patents in a given portfolio that cover a certain technology. This task is complicated by the increasing size of patent portfolios and the complex nature of technologies and dependencies within a single product space. How can you be sure you are monetizing all your relevant patents? Leveraging Innography’s leading technologies and data, Innography experts will triangulate citation, classification, and semantic analyses to identify all the applicable patents and help guide you to the optimal bundle for any deal.

Buyer Identification

Each month, roughly 6,000 patents are transferred between companies in the US. IP professionals who are looking to license or sell patents need to know who the biggest buyers are, and how best to market to them, as well as potential first-time buyers. But getting a clear view is hard: many patent transactions are never announced, and the USPTO’s records are awash in irrelevant events.

Innography’s Buyer Identification report helps patent portfolio managers and brokers determine who is purchasing and who is divesting patent assets, providing a resource for defensive patent aggregators and counsel managing risk, and for analysts identifying the direction of competitors.  Innography cleanses reassignment data of false positives, intra-company transfers, error corrections, securitizations and other internal actions to isolate the true buyers and sellers of patents during the timeframe.

Chain-of-Title Analysis

The USPTO has a window of 90 days to correct any issues with a patent title – whether from dispute, oversight or clerical error – before it becomes relatively unfixable. The responsibility for verifying accuracy rests not with the USPTO, but with the patent owner(s).

Inaccurate title records are a very real problem. Data from the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals over the past decade shows more than a thousand cases in which patent litigation was dismissed because the patent owner did not have clean patent title ownership, resulting in potentially millions of dollars of lost damages in each case.

The Chain-of-Title Report includes a thorough review of the patent portfolio to identify potential title issues, an examination of the patent due diligence process, and a report of the measures to repair broken title chains where possible. Portfolio managers receive an audit report of any existing issues to help ensure their assets are properly protected.

Divestment Research & Guidance

Many patented ideas end up not being viable to take to market. Business strategies change, new technologies supplant the old, and other ideas are too early or advanced to commercialize. Businesses often abandon these patents to save on costs. There’s another option: the strategic divestiture of patents. This requires advanced planning: knowing what falls in your innovation pipeline, what patents are core and non-core, potential buyers for each technology, and which patents are strong and which are marginal.

Innography analysts will work with you to profile your portfolio and support your decision-making. You will receive a report complete with thorough, relevant information and clear visualizations to support action driven by data, strategy, and business requirements.

Out-Licensing Report

The Out-Licensing report helps identify the best candidates in a portfolio to monetize. The report identifies patents according to content, remaining lifetime, strength, and licensee candidates. Innography’s analysis supplements traditional citation analysis with semantic and other advanced analysis techniques to ensure that new and sparsely cited patents are equally evaluated for their licensing potential.

Innography Out-Licensing has helped:

  • A major telecommunications company saves tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours by identifying hundreds of patents that should be eliminated from licensing.
  • A large, well-known technology firm identify and license their unused patents.

Watch the Innography License Candidate Identification Video 

IP Portfolio Maintenance Analysis  

Portfolio maintenance is often a necessity to contain costs. But knowing which patents to abandon, and supporting your decisions, is a complex and time-consuming process. Innography can help you evaluate your patent assets and determine:

  • If they are being used in current products.
  • Applicability to your market or adjacent markets.
  • Potential buyers.

You will receive a full report with maintenance and budget recommendations, along with consulting hours to help ensure informed, data-driven maintenance decisions.