R&D IP Strategies

Innography was founded on the principles of innovation and ideas. Our services centered around research and development help organizations foster cutting edge R&D IP strategies and capitalize on marketplace opportunities.

Ideation Reports

Your R&D team creates the ideas that define your business. Raw inspiration must be forged with information and judgment to develop viable products. Innography can assist with clearly defined ideation reports that help your team:

  • Identify goals, challenges, and marketplace opportunities
  • Determine new solutions
  • Locate potential internal and external collaborators
  • Receive alerts on similar ideas

White Space Discovery

Creating products to serve unmet needs is a daunting prospect. Those who can create those visionary offerings can realize outsized growth and profit. Developing the unknown requires seeing past existing paradigms, and that is a true challenge. Innography consultants will create a framework for evaluating existing innovations and identifying new opportunities in the market.

This study will deliver a quantitative survey of existing technologies in the market and what problems remain sparsely researched.

Technology Scouting

The first step in developing leading products is understanding the state of technological innovation. Innography analysts will identify the existing and emerging players in market, the state of the art, and unaddressed opportunities. This study will combine quantitative analysis of patent filings by volume, technology, company, and jurisdiction; with a qualitative analysis of key patent claims in the target area.

Partner Identification

Partnering during new product development often provides dramatically faster-time-to-market while lowering capital intensity. But identifying the right partner takes time and consideration. Who is the best partner and how do you judge those qualifications? Has your problem already been solved in another industry? Which partner needs you as much as you need them? By combining multidisciplinary research and balanced scorecard analyses, Innography will identify leading partnership candidates and provide their qualifications aligned with your business requirements.

Patent In-Licensing

In today’s innovative landscape, it is vital to stay informed about new entrants into your technology space and protect your core business. Patent counsel and analysts are frequently called upon to leverage external IP in order to speed time-to-market and to decrease potential liability. With the Patent In-Licensing Report, Innography will provide insight into emerging technologies and in both core and adjacent markets. The report identifies patents of interest as well as motivated sellers.

Patent to Product Mapping

IP analysts are increasingly called upon to demonstrate patenting efficacy in defending product margins and patent investments. Corporations also seek to tie patents to products for tax advantages in Europe and Asia. Using Innography’s technology, our experienced consultants will associate patents to products (including multi-product attribution).

This report provides advantages including better budgeting, more efficient chargebacks, facilitated licensing of non-core assets, and increased executive-level visibility of patent strategy.

IP Due Diligence Study

Innography’s IP Due Diligence report documents the quality of a patent portfolio. It provides an overview of portfolio strengths and weaknesses, chain-of-title issues, gaps that could be filled with the patent set, the types of buyers that would find the portfolio of value, and risk associated with the patents.

The comprehensive report is delivered along with consulting time to help ensure your team makes the most informed decisions when purchasing, licensing, or selling a patent portfolio.

Watch the IP Due Diligence Video