Services Overview

IP Professional Services

Innography’s focus on client success drives every engagement. In IP Professional Services projects, we tailor each initiative to ensure the desired outcome delivers the insight you need, in the timeline you require. We are experts in IP strategy and Innography tools - so you can be assured that you will receive accurate and thorough information ready to present to stakeholders or to use in your own decision-making. Our intellectual property professional services range from conducting commonly requested analyses to fully custom offerings.

Competitive Intelligence

IP Maturity Assessment

IP Monetization

R&D IP Strategies

Custom IP Analysis Projects

Competitor Surveillance

Inventor Analysis

Patent Cross-Licensing Report

Portfolio Benchmarking

Threat Alerts

Innography has created an IP Maturity Assessment to help organizations optimize and mature their processes across the IP lifecycle so they capture the value in their intellectual property.

Gain an understanding of your organization’s IP management capabilities. 

Bundling Strategy Report

Buyer Identification

Chain-of-Title Analysis

Divestment Research & Guidance

Out-Licensing Report

IP Portfolio Maintenance Analysis

Ideation Reports

White Space Discovery

Technology Scouting

Partner Identification

Patent In-Licensing

Patent to Product Mapping

IP Due Diligence Study

Innography provides answers to unusual business questions. How can I add value to my commodity product?

How we advocate against cancer causing agents in toys before they’re launched? What is the future of dairy production?

Committed to Delivering Insights

The data that we maintain, correlate, and reference within the Innography platform is unique, delivering millions of documents and assets with updates on a weekly basis. We are committed to helping you transform this data into vital business intelligence that you require in order to make effective decisions. We blend our award-winning software with flexible consulting services to turn your needs into real competitive advantage.

In-depth Knowledge

Leveraging real-world experiences and years of top-rated performance with corporations around the globe, we deliver more than reports and analysis - we share IP best practices that will help you with your business. In every project, we take the time to understand your business, the challenges you are addressing, and the specific outcomes you plan to achieve. We look at each engagement as a partnership.

Dedicated to Long-term Success

No other partner can deliver the combined strength of the Innography IP Professional Services team, Innography tools, and Innography data to support an end-to-end process for delivering high-value patent analyses. Engaging our expert consultants can accelerate your path to market differentiation and we will be with you every step of the way to ensure your goals are met.

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