Our History

Tyron Stading, a Stanford University graduate working as an inventor at IBM, founded Innography in 2006. Tyron’s work life at IBM was consumed with researching and reading hundreds of patents prior to filing new applications. The frustration of not being able to quickly identify prior art, legal status and jurisdictional coverage led to the formation of Innography. Based on the concept of layering and analyzing data from disparate sources, the name conveys Innography's mission of  innovation mapping. 

Innography was conceived as an opportunity to extend manual processes in patent search to true patent business intelligence by developing a set of powerful algorithms that cleanse and normalize data, mine patents for vital information, and automatically make determinations on which patents in a set are the most valuable. Only with this level of business intelligence, would patents become the important source of vital business information that they are today.

Initial funding for the company came in June of 2007, with the launch of their first product in October of 2007. As the company grew, they received a second round of funding in August of 2008 from Austin Ventures and Hunt Ventures and an additional investment in 2010.

Fueled by these investments, and a premier list of the world’s most innovative companies as clients, Innography expanded with a larger team and new products in 2013 and is currently enjoying an annual growth rate of 33% per year. In early 2014, Innography obtained additional funding to further fuel the company’s rapid worldwide expansion. In late 2015, Innography was acquired by the world's leading specialist in intellectual property (IP) software and services, CPA Global, combining best-in-class IP search and analytics with leading IP software and services to deliver a unique proposition to IP professionals globally.

Today, Mr. Stading’s original vision has been achieved with Innography’s award-winning platform and products able to analyze and visualize 100 million patents in a matter of seconds. Not satisfied with the status quo, Innography continues to innovate ahead of its competitors, collaborates with its clients on features, launches new products and services and makes intellectual property data more accessible for better business decisions.

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