Why Innography

At Innography, we care about client success. We provide cutting-edge online analysis capabilities to a wide range of end-users, backed by a responsive team of experts who are there to help you reach your IP and business goals.

The Innography solution was built with a singular focus – answering IP questions more quickly, more accurately and more insightfully than was possible before. Every feature and visualization is designed to solve a business need, not just present pretty graphs or list out reams of data.

Together, the best IP analytics software with the best people behind it provide a solution that is uniquely positioned to deliver the highest value to clients, consistently and quickly. And both are provided by a dependable, trustworthy business partner.

The Innography solution has many core elements that our clients appreciate as important to their businesses:

  • Correlated Information: Over 100 data sources are normalized into one correlated information set
  • Data Quality: Robust weekly processes cleanse and normalize data from more than 100 sources
  • PatentStrength™: Every patent is scored using dozens of factors to determine relative litigation likelihood
  • Advanced Analytics: Semantic search and analytics provide insights and uncover hidden information
  • Visualizations: Over 50 interactive visualizations for insight and drill-down analyses
  • Technology Foundation: Thoroughly modern, secure and private
  • Our People: The highest levels of support to ensure success reaching your IP objectives
  • Better Business Results: A comprehensive focus on better decisions and improving business outcomes

Taken together, these capabilities drive a solution that delivers better IP Answers, for increased Business Results.

Watch this video to see what Innography means to our clients