Advanced Analytics

All patent tools have basic patent search capabilities – perform a keyword search, get thousands of results, download them to a spreadsheet, and then what?

Innography's advanced analytics allow you to analyze patents in new ways to quantify relevant factors, focus in on the most relevant patents, and derive better insights. Most importantly, analytics save you time.

What Patent Analytics Can Do

There are many algorithms and analytics in Innography that go well beyond patent search. Here are some examples, and how they help the IP analyst:

  • PatentStrength™: Compares the strength of groups of patents, such as two companies' portfolios. Also focuses detailed analysis only on the strongest and most valuable patents, saving considerable time.
  • Text Analytics: Derives and shows the most frequently-used phrases to characterize a group of patents, for example in PatentScape and text cluster.
  • Semantic SearchInnography’s semantic search utilizes numerical algorithms to match the meaning of terms, based on usage patterns and other quantitative factors.
  • Citation Analysis: Recursive network traversal of forward and backward citations find relevant patents in this analysis, and combinatorics of classification codes refine the similarity of patents in the “refine” panel.
  • Company Owner Fixes: Innography's 10 million data-correction rules and machine learning algorithms automatically fix company name mis-spellings and subsidiaries for over 100,000 companies, saving considerable time in every analysis.
  • Expiration Date Calculations: Most PTOs don’t actually calculate expiration dates, because it's too complex, and neither do most patent search tools. Innography derives expiration dates worldwide by taking into account patent term adjustments and extensions, terminal disclaimers, and legal status records.
  • Data Fills: Some data elements in the raw PTO data are missing, and Innography algorithms fill many of them. For example, US patents granted before 2013 don't have CPC codes, but Innography inserts them through mappings to the then-existing classification codes. Also, some applications don’t have company owner information, and Innography’s algorithms predictively infers the company owner from the inventor and address information.

What Analytics Can Do For You

Patent analytics are Innography's "secret sauce" that help users generate better insights. How? Any in-depth analysis is an iterative process, and patent analysis is no exception. The quicker and more accurately an analysis can be performed, the more follow-on investigations and analyses the patent analyst can perform to derive deeper, more certain, and ultimately more impactful insights.

Innography's advanced analytics focus on three main areas to generate faster and better insights:

  1. Improving Data Quality: Through Innography’s data correction and data fill algorithms, both data completeness and data accuracy are improved significantly – such as classification codes and expiration dates. Patent ownership information is especially important to many analyses, and Innography's analytics give the best ownership information available.
  2. Finding Relevant Patents: Two types of Innography’s advanced search capabilities – semantic search and metadata search – are driven by analytics and numerical algorithms. A thorough search to find all relevant patents cannot rely keyword search alone; patent documents require search approaches that find hidden and unexpected relevant patents.
  3. Saving Time: Analytics save the user a lot of time, because the alternative is manually sifting through hundreds or thousands of patents. Innography's analytics save time by:
    • Targeting: PatentStrength™ and other analytics allow focusing efforts on the most robust and the most relevant patents in a set for in-depth review, saving 70% or more of analyst time right away.
    • Characterizing Patent Sets: Text analytics, for example, looks inside a set of patents to pull out the most frequently-used phrases to give an accurate overview of what the patents are about.
    • Quickly Returning Results: All of Innography's analytics are real-time and on-demand, returning in a few seconds (versus minutes or longer for other tools). Innography has been rated #1 in usability by independent analysts, with many of Innography's analytics accessible via "one-click analyses".
    • Allowing Drill-Down: Unlike many visuals in other tools, Innography allows drill-down to the underlying data for deeper investigation and iterative analysis. And since visuals are used not only to find insights but also to communicate them, our advanced analytics visuals like PatentScape™ allows customizing the look and verbiage used in the visual.

These benefits of analytics generate better insights in the end, faster and more easily, to allow the power of patent information to inform business decisions across the enterprise.

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