Expert Patent Strategy and Intellectual Asset Management

Better Business Results

Most software companies focus on finding ways to make their software and technology useful to the market. At Innography, we take the opposite approach – we start with the IP-related business questions that clients have, and then determine how software can most easily help clients answer patent strategy and management questions and make more-informed decisions.

As a result, Innography’s features and technologies are focused on insights that lead to better business results. While there are many interesting visualizations and analytics in the industry, we carefully review and refine each proposed feature to ensure it can actually drive better decisions.

Beyond IP Questions – Answering Business Questions

Innography answers not only IP questions, but also helps answer many types of business questions. In addition to providing insightful competitive intelligence and , there are several areas where Innography can help answer patent strategy and intellectual asset management questions:

  • Creating R&D Strategies:  Innography’s Ideation and Invention Review playbooks provide insights into prior art and white space when crafting R&D strategies. Innography also helps find existing innovations when evaluating make vs. build strategies for IP.
  • Evaluating Acquisitions:  In the early part of the acquisition process, Innography’s portfolio analyses including PatentStrength™ gives insight when comparing the relative strength and coverage of different targets’ portfolios.  Later during due diligence, Innography’s PatentGuard™ uncovers the full details of the portfolio and any assignment and risks.
  • Tracking Innovators:  Innography identifies the most prolific and value-add innovators in a technology space, to help determine employee retention strategies and key potential hires to approach.

Competitive Intelligence

Intellectual property is inherently a multi-player game, with competitors using IP to gain and protect their innovation advantage. Patents are important information assets for uncovering competitor innovations, product directions and R&D strategies.

Innography makes full use of patent filings as information assets, allowing clients to discover and monitor competitors in any technology area. In our experience, almost every analysis uncovers new competitors who are active in a particular space and who are not obvious competitors because they are in different industries or business models.

Overall, Innography allows clients to be much more informed about IP to better answer business questions, and allows them to be more proactive in setting and executing relevant strategies. Better patent strategy and intellectual asset management decisions, made sooner and with more information, create substantial business value.