Correlated Patent Data

Innography pulls together over a hundred data sources to answer IP questions – including patent, financial, trademark, litigation, and standards data. Without correlated data, your patent analytics become a tedious manual process, and your risk of missing something important increases exponentially. Innography's patent data analytics provide a more complete answer - instantly.

Correlated Patent Data Analytics

Innography connects over 100 dimensions across data sets. Correlated information automatically provides answers that would take analysts days or weeks to address using manual methods. For example, the analysis performed for the graph shown answers in a few minutes, “Which companies under $100 million in revenue are most active in my technology area?”

New Questions Can Be Answered

Innography not only answers IP questions better and faster than other methods, our patent data answers entirely new types of questions. For example, answering the question “Which companies are defendants in this technology space?” requires linking patents to litigation actions to companies – and no amount of manual effort will provide the complete answer that Innography quickly provides.

Don’t Just Search Data – Analyze Information

Correlated information is the foundation that patent data analytics are built upon. Without pre-correlated data sets, you would need to perform multiple time-consuming searches, sorts, merges, and lookups – all to obtain only partial answers.