PatentStrength: Patent Value

Innography’s PatentStrength® is a proprietary algorithm that predicts patent value and relevance, by deriving the likelihood that a patent will eventually be litigated. Starting with a well-regarded study on patent value correlations, Innography has refined and improved the predictive capability of the algorithm over years of analysis.

Find the Highest-Value Patents

When you’re pressed for time or controlling costs, having an expert read every patent can be something you can’t afford. By using Innography PatentStrength, the top patents in any portfolio can be identified and fully examined, saving 80% or more of time and cost.

Quickly Assess Patent Portfolios

Innography's patent analysis software is uniquely suited for evaluating a patent portfolio, such as evaluating a portfolio that is available for purchase. The average PatentStrength – and the relative distribution within the portfolio – provide guidance on whether or not to pursue a particular portfolio.

Many large companies and patent brokers that are active in buying and selling patents use Innography PatentStrength as a first line of analysis for assessing the overall quality of the portfolio.

Determine Relative Strength

In addition, the PatentStrength distribution of multiple portfolios can be compared, even within a specific technology area. This provides insights into the relative value and protectiveness of different portfolios.

Comparing relative strength can also provide guidance on buying a portfolio, by showing if the additional patents add to the overall portfolio strength, or if the additional patents wouldn’t increase the total portfolio’s protectiveness.

Design Your Own Strength Metrics with CustomStrength®

While PatentStrength is an amazing tool for ranking a set of patents, you may want to create your own weightings and metrics. CustomStrength allows you to save the valuation formulas you like, and compare your result sets against any or all of them. Our "Models of Patent Valuation" white paper provides some examples of CustomStrength formulas you might consider for your rankings.

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