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Patent Search Engine

Innography’s name is based on the word innovation. Innography is consistently credited with many firsts in the industry in applying new technologies to IP Analytics, and with our focus on innovation and our consistently high product investment, we work every day to find even better ways to search for patents and perform analyses that our clients value.

Innography was founded and built by software experts with deep experience in creatively applying modern software technologies to business problems. This depth in software expertise is unique in the industry.

Thoroughly Modern

Innography was built on current Internet-scale technologies, providing unmatched capabilities and efficiency. Tens of terabytes of data are processed each week, and new algorithms are continuously adopted through both machine learning and our PhD data scientists.

As a result, Innography provides the highest analysis limits in the industry, and a fast solution to all end-users. New data sources are also easily incorporated into a search for patents and are updated frequently.

Focus on the User Experience

Built for both power-users and infrequent users, Innography’s user interface experts continuously improve the user experience. Each new feature is reviewed for usability and a consistent overall experience, and every release has user-suggested usability improvements.

Innography’s patent search engine uses technologies that provide an unparalleled degree of configurability, rather than forcing clients to use the same groupings and metadata as everyone else. The degree of configurability allows clients to perform analyses and gain insights that are tailored to their inherently unique view of innovation topics and related IP.

Private and Confidential

Innography was designed to keep your analysis history private and secure. End-user searches are not recorded anywhere and cannot be reconstructed.

A patent search engine and analytics solution is more than its features and underlying data – it also relies on the technology foundation. Built on modern technologies, with the end-user’s experience as the most important goal, Innography has built a uniquely capable technology foundation that clients benefit from every day.