Patent Visualization Tools

Innography’s patent visualization tools have over 70 different charts to help you gain insights into your analysis results. Each visualization was chosen as the most helpful in making decisions from the corresponding analysis.

More than just grouping results, the patent charts utilize correlated information to organize results along additional dimensions, providing novel insights that simply cannot be obtained through manual means, even by reading every patent.

Innography’s patent visualizations are also all interactive, which is especially useful for determining where to perform further analysis. The data behind each point can be viewed in detail and further analyzed, providing drill-in capabilities and recursive analyses to any level of granularity.

Exportable and Customizable

Patent charts can be exported to Microsoft Excel, including all of the data, for further refinement and graph customization.

This also allows “what-if” scenarios such as combining portions of different portfolios, or breaking the analysis into the key categories and time periods.

Beyond Reporting

Innography’s patent charts are all built to support decisions and provide insights – not just to provide pretty graphs. The visualizations’ interactivity and exportability across the correlated information provide both unique insights and analysis depth that cannot be achieved elsewhere. 

Innography supports deep data mining of forward and backward citations, an excellent technique for finding similar technology in different applications and different industries; as well as adjacent technologies. Citation mining locates non-obvious licensing targets and M&A candidates.

PatentScape is a visualization tool for landscaping even the most complex technology areas, isolating white space in a market, visualizing concept density, and finding active NPEs.